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Training Services

User Training

There is a great amount of pleasure that can be derived from teaching everyone how to use their computer systems effectively.  We offer highly experienced end user trainers who understand what is needed to improve an individuals day to day work and productivity.

Bespoke Training

We have experience of producing bespoke training courses and courseware for many clients.  It is one of the areas that we pride ourselves upon most.  We can make the money you spend on training count in your future business revenues.


We have extensive knowledge and experience in many forms of training, including

  • Technical Training Delivery
  • User Training Delivery
  • Training Needs Analysis
  • One to One Coaching
  • Bespoke Training
  • Courseware Development

Technical Training

We have been offering training seriously since 1998 and have specialised in Unisys MCP Mainframe and Server systems.  Having experience of teaching all areas of the system, from operational, to support, to administration, to security, to application development, to DBA, to Testing, to Performance & Capacity Planning.  This are at introductory, intermediate and advanced levels of student.

As well as the Unisys Mainframe world we regularly teach many Windows Server based training courses at most levels.  This includes clustered and partitioned windows and UNIX servers.


For further information on the services that we offer either contacts by email at or call us at ++44 (0)1780 729163


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